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Health Physics

Since 1962 Ludlum Measurements Inc has been designing, manufacturing and supplying radiation detection and measurement equipment in response to the worlds increasing need for greater safety. Today Ludlum has equipment for any thinkable detection and measurement of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutron and X-ray). For further information Click Health Physics Catalog pdf. For Europe all Rem readouts have been converted to μSiverts readouts.

The products of the Model 375 series are extremely versatile and are used for quite many monitoring tasks.

In connection with the nuclear accidents in the Fukushima power plants in 2011, a wide range of Ludlum Instruments was brought to Japan, to help the task forces collecting knowledge in their strivings towards getting the situation under control.

Health Physics Catalog pdf


In our capacity as representative for three of the worlds probably best measuring equipment manufacturers, Imec has an important task in communicating the advantages of this equipment in making our environment a safer and healthier place to live. The training of the customers as well as the service of the equipment being equally important.


Imec is dedicated to render a prompt, precise and reliable solution and service to satify our customers in the market area we represent.

This market area is the Nordic countries, Germany (except medical physics), Poland and the Baltic states.


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