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During the last 30 years Bruker has manufactured analytical solutions for various fields of business. Imec has the pleasure of offering two product lines, the range of handheld XRF instruments and the range of table top and mobile OES spectrometers.

The range of handheld XRF instruments is used for a number of applications such as quality control (PMI), metal recycling, RoSH, biomedical, food (GMP), pharmaceutical, mining and more.

The range of Bruker OES spectrometers are:

Q2 ION with spark emmision covers all major alloying elements in e.g. ferrous alloys, aluminum and copper. It only weighs 20 kg, and can easily be handcarried to various sites. 

Q4 TASMAN (spark and arc), version 200 is ideally suited for all non-ferrous applications (where UV ellements are not required). Version 170 for ferrous applications (with important elements in the UV (C, P, S, As, Sn, B, etc.) and version 130 analysing ultra-UV elements like nitrogen.

Q 4 MOBILE is a mobile OES spectrometer for all field applications in metal sorting, PMI and analysis.

S1 TITAN Brochure PMI (pdf)               

S1 Titan Brochure Scrap (pdf)

S1 TITAN Brochure RoHS (pdf) 

S1 TITAN "light" Brochure (pdf)

Q2 ION Brochure (pdf)                           

Q4 TASMAN Brochure (pdf)

Q4 MOBILE Brochure (pdf)


In our capacity as representative for three of the worlds probably best measuring equipment manufacturers, Imec has an important task in communicating the advantages of this equipment in making our environment a safer and healthier place to live. The training of the customers as well as the service of the equipment being equally important.


Imec is dedicated to render a prompt, precise and reliable solution and service to satify our customers in the market area we represent.

This market area is the Nordic countries, Germany (except medical physics), Poland and the Baltic states.


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