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Medical Physics

In the autum of 2009 Ludlum Medical Physics was formed in order to keep focus on this fast growing segment of the cooperation. It is also Ludlum Medical Physics that in the Ludlum group of activities since then has introduced most new products. Imec would  highlight the Model 9DP Digital Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter which deliver highly sensitive measurements of exposure and exposure rate. This instrument also features auto-ranging and zeroing, dose rate peak capturing, and data logging to a USB thumb drive. Now a pulsed field measuring version, the Model 9DP-1 is also avalable. Both models can be equipped optionally to on-line data transfer to a PC.

Apart from this the range efficient phantoms, test tools and even steel and aluminium 2" planchets are available, too.

Imec also designs and manufactures customer made shielding systems for any use. 

Medical Physics Catalog (pdf)


Shielding system at Hillerød Hospital

Hillerød Hospital


In our capacity as representative for three of the worlds probably best measuring equipment manufacturers, Imec has an important task in communicating the advantages of this equipment in making our environment a safer and healthier place to live. The training of the customers as well as the service of the equipment being equally important.


Imec is dedicated to render a prompt, precise and reliable solution and service to satify our customers in the market area we represent.

This market area is the Nordic countries, Germany (except medical physics), Poland and the Baltic states.


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